Entrepreneurs in Thailand

Let the Entrepreneurs Arise!

Standing on top of chairs, were some 150 entrepreneurs in a hotel conference room in Chiang Mai, Thailand... and I was wondering... "What in the world am I doing here?" John McIntyre, AKA: "The Autoresponder Guy", had us standing on top of our chairs just in case the morning's coffee hadn't kicked-in yet. I snapped a shot and thought... "Well, Let the Entrepreneurs Arise!" I never thought I'd see myself in a group of passionate people like this. But it's an interesting story of how it all actually started. "We need to do something with these youth!” ...said one of the respected members at our church in Maui, as he pointed his finger in my chest. (…as if that's something I haven't heard before, being a well-seasoned youth minister.) I said, “Really?”, as I sighed from … ➤ KEEP READING

Get things done, GTD, calendar planning

Get Things Done by Redesigning Your Week

Do you ever get confused about how to organize your week? Calendars, Day-Planners, random post-it notes on your computer monitor, etc. What should you do? Well, you can get things done by redesigning your week! This simple, easy-to-follow process will simplfy your life in a major way. Right off the bat, let me tell you that I’m not going to suggest the latest app, nor am I going to give you a crazy, hard-to-understand productivity formula that will end up being worse than going to the dentist. Nope. You can get things done by redesigning your week. I've developed something I want to share with you, that I call, “C5 Targets”. C5 Targets The “C” stand for “Cloud”— simply because you don't have to allow yourself to be psycho about being ultra-committed to it yet. It’s in … ➤ KEEP READING

overcome fear and anxiety

How to Overcome Anxiety

If there’s one question that I hear, almost more than anything else, it’s this: “I get so nervous and worried all the time— How do I overcome anxiety?” People have so much anxiety these days. Do you? Here’s some of the signs that you need to learn how to overcome anxiety: Nail Bitting Tightness in the chest Twirling your hair Scratching your eyebrows Panic attacks Stress Feeling “scatter-brained” Fear Even myself, I never thought I had a problem with this, until going on a walk with my wife one afternoon. Have you ever been attacked by a dog? All of a sudden a big pit bull appeared in a nearby yard. It had the look of attack in his eyes. I instantly panicked. I guess the dog sensed it, and it started running right for us. “What did you do?”  Without thinking, I … ➤ KEEP READING

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25 Crazy Bucket List Ideas

Every man dies, but not every man really lives.”  [Sir William Wallace] These 25 Crazy Bucket List Ideas will give you some real thought-provoking suggestions to ponder for the upcoming months and years— so that you can live your life to the fullest! Is it just me, or does anyone else feel like time is flying by way too fast? Lately I’ve been really thinking about this. Is my bucket list just a cute little… “Oh, wouldn't it be nice to…” fantasy?  Or will I live my life with a renewed sense of purpose before it's too late? If you've been feeling like the proverbial hamster, going round-and-round on the wheel of life, but not ever doing what you actually want to do— then these crazy bucket list ideas just might be the thing you need to get your own list freshened-up and … ➤ KEEP READING


Embarrassing Moments To Inspire Personal Tweaking

Let’s be honest. Changing our life is hard. But doing a little personal tweaking? Hey, we’ll give it a shot.  And there’s nothing like an embarrassing moment (or two) to get you on the path to change. I believe these embarrassing moments are going to inspire some personal tweaking of your own. Too Much Baggage Equals Pants Around The Ankles Let me share with you an incident that took place right before my very eyes. You know how when you travel these days, the price of extra bags can run you anywhere from $20 - $200? Well, I was on a flight a while back, and I noticed a particular man carrying a lot of stuff. He had: Duffle Bag in one hand Computer Bag slung over his shoulder DVD Bag slung over the other shoulder And a Suit Bag in the other hand. This guy had a lot of … ➤ KEEP READING

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19 Ways to Get the Girl of Your Dreams

Relationships and finding love isn't easy. There's probably more than these, but from personal experience, here's 19 ways to get the girl of your dreams. 1.   Don’t be "Clingy". You might think it communicates to her that you really need her, but it actually pushes women away when you act like a “puppy dog” all the time. 2.   Avoid at all costs any kind of “Stalker Behavior”. Women have a little button that they have to push all the time: “Stalker Alert!” You might have had your eye on her for months and finally you two are starting to date. Relax though. Don’t push her. If she has other plans, it’s fine. Don’t pull a stalker move by saying, “But, I really need to see you tonite. Why can’t we go out?”  Trust me. You’re going to scare her away. 3.   Practicing Self-Control is Smart … ➤ KEEP READING