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The Story

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Well, I sure didn’t start out as a Harley-riding pastor guy living in Maui, Hawaii, that’s for sure. But for the last 20 years I have been growing in my leadership, pastoring both youth and adults. Most recently, for the last 6 years I’ve had the privilege of serving together with Dr. Marocco, of King’s Cathedral in Maui, and continue to do so through his KCI pastoral network. Yet in recent years there’s been another twist in the story— Entrepreneurship

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The Way I Can Help

Find out how my expertise can make a difference…

I’ve been trained by some the best pastors in the world. Wayne Taylor, Wendell Smith, Dr. Ray Berryhill, and Dr. James Marocco. The picture here is that of Jude Fouquier and me in Maui. Many know Judah Smith, but it’s Pastor Jude is who trained him! And for me, being personally trained by him for 4 years, not only blew my mind, but it caused me to accelerate at such a faster pace and operate on a much different level than others. I want to take what I’ve learned and implemented— and I want to help you. My discipleship program, D2D! (Dare-to-Discipleship) is being used in churches all over the world. I want to get this resource into your hands as well.  There’s nothing more exciting than getting results.

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The Courses

Find out how my expertise can help…

I believe that if you can position yourself to learn and grow as an individual— then you can grow your church, your business, your leadership, and even your marriage. But most people just ‘hope’ they’ll grow. But there’s a hunger in the hearts of people these days to sign-up for online courses, attend webinars, download podcasts, and attend conferences in various parts of the world. But why? Because they want to grow! They know it’s the secret to their success. And if you’re hungry to start growing, I have two courses that, I believe can revolutionize your life. No… I know  they will. Because hundreds of individuals, just like you, have already gone through these programs, and seen their lives changed.

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The Blog

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I write and post videos on a number of topics. Personal Development, Relationships, Entrepreneurship, Productivity, and Ministry, (…just to name a few). But whether it’s Blog posts, Youtube videos, Periscope, or Snapchat… I’m coming strong. Because I don’t believe in just… “waiting till tomorrow” to do something. I believe you should live your best life today. And I want to empowering to do that! Click on the button below to see more posts.

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