The journey of a thousand miles…Love Today

Hi, I’m Robb Gorringe, and I’m the creator of Today I Can Change. Let me share a little of my story about why Today I Can Change has been birthed.

How did you come up with the name?

Almost like an epiphany it hit me— “Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow might not come, but TODAY I can change.” I found myself saying it over and over. Something began to rise up within me, and a fresh determination to reach out even farther than I’ve ever dreamed of was birthed in me.

“Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow might not come, but TODAY I can change.”

I can just hear someone saying… “But nobody can change in a day.” Let me just be real transparent here. Today I Can Change isn’t a gimmick. Here’s the thing. One bold, decisive action today will catapult you into a new direction tomorrow. And through that one decision you’ll be pointed in the direction that you know you need to go in. Say what you want, but with this kind of mindset you just might join me in saying, “Today I Can Change.”

The journey of a thousand miles begins today.  who is robb

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