Fasting for Newbies

By February 3, 2014Vitality

Tips on Fasting, fasting for newbiesI used to be so scared of Fasting. I mean… are we really talking, “No Food?” 

Who does this kind of thing? I thought fasting was relegated to monks, strange-looking ‘Spiritual’ types… Crazy people! There was no way that I would do it.  I mean, after all…. I can’t Fast…. because it makes me hungry!

Watch it on YouTube:

“…I had no idea it would have such a radical effect on my own life…”  Here’s some easy ways that you can get started today…

1.  Fasting for Newbies Tip # 1… Start Slow. Don’t say you’re going to fast for 40 Days when you haven’t even been able to fast for one meal. It’s unrealistic.

2.  Tip # 2… Try Fasting Meat.  You mean I can’t have my Chicken nuggets or Spam? I know, I know… I feel for ya, but (trust me) you’ll thank me later.

fasting for newbies3. Tip # 3… Go on a Juice Fast.  My wife and I have been Juicing for about 3 years now, and we love it. Something as simple as carrots, apples, and Kale… it’s powerful, and it’s super easy.  There’s so many juicers on the market today, thanks to the awareness of health from films like, Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead, or Peta’s “Meet Your Meat”.  So many are waking up to the fact that that eating too red meat and junk food is bad for you. (…wow. What a revelation). I know.

And there you have it. A few tips on “Fasting for Newbies”.

➔  Have you ever Fasted before?
➔ Was is easy or hard for you?
➔  What advise would you add to those who are new to Fasting?

Let me know by leaving a comment below.  Also, make sure to like this video and subscribe.

In case you’re wondering what kind of juicer I use.  It’s called The Omega VRT350 Heavy Duty Dual-Stage Vertical Single Auger Low Speed Juicer.

Best Juicer for Fasting, Fasting for Newbies

Well, until next time, this is Robb Gorringe from encouraging you to…

Take Action,
Live with passion,
And KNOW that your best is yet to come!



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  • Hey Robb,

    Nice post. Fasting is truly underrated for health & fitness purposes. I don’t even tell people I do it anymore, unless they ask. The reason I stopped doing it is because most people aren’t well-educated enough to understand it.

    “Are you fasting?”


    “But don’t you know you’ll starve and break down your muscles!?”

    I’m fed up with the ignorance.

    • Ludvig,

      I totally understand where you’re coming from. My Mom would always say, “Robb, please don’t Fast. That’s why all those people see strange visions and all. It’s because they’re low on blood-sugar!!” I hear the “muscle” thing a lot too. But yes, people need to do their own research. And with people like “Joe the Juicer”, Fasting is definitely on the upswing.

      Thanks for commenting. You’ve got an awesome Blog too, by-the-way//.


      • Thanks, mate.

        Our generation (s) have had to learned the hard way that advice from our parents rarely work. In most areas of life.

  • hello robb,
    Visited your blog for the first time and found it just awesome.Great research indeed. Thanks for sharing. Going to subscribe your blog for future posts. Keep it up. 🙂

    Happy blogging. 🙂

    • Hi Nikhil,

      Glad you found my blog interesting. I see you’ve got a nice article on writing an eBook. I’ll have to check that out. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment too!



  • Hi Robb,

    Our church don’t really encourage much about 40-day fasting, I mean that’s like committing suicide! LOL. We do fast but only for one day and we drink juice, not just water.

    One of my brother died in his sleep. He fasted for 40-days then ate some chicken adobo & rice and kicked the bucket after that. Our theory is…he fasted without having too much knowledge and that’s prolly brought him to his early grave.

    When my brother died, my mom was devastated, and wanted to kill herself too but not eating food. I believe it was like a week or two that she didn’t have any appetite of eating and the only thing she was drinking was coffee with creme & sugar. After that she was rushed to the hospital and the doctor said that if it wasn’t because for the sugar, she would have died.

    So, me and my husband’s theory is it must have something to do with his fasting. Anyway, he wanted to be a pastor too. Just too bad we lost him at the age of only 33-years old, so young. We were all devastated when this happened. We were thoroughly shocked.


    • Angela,

      Very sorry to hear about your brother passing away. That must be one of the most devastating tragedies one could experience. I always advise consulting a doctor before going into a serious, extended fast. And coming off of fast is just as crucial as going on the fast itself.

      But I want to thank you, Angela, for sharing this painful experience with me and my audience. We can never take life for granted. It’s truly a gift from God, and the more we treasure it— the more passionately we’ll live it.

      I believe that out of painful, traumatic events such as you’ve been through— these are going to empower you even more to make a radical impact in your world.


  • Rose

    Hey Robb,

    Great post you have here! I agree with you just how effective fasting is.
    I myself, do fast once a week for almost two years now. It improves satiety, overall health to say the least!
    It keeps me stay fit and energetic even though most of the day I am in front of my computer.

    Fasting relaxes both our mind and body. It helps in fighting stress! It’s the best way to detoxify and give rest to our tummies.

    Yeah, keep encouraging more people to fast.. No matter age bracket they’re in, they can do it.
    I’m just 22 .. the results are amazing.


    • Wow, Rose! 22 and you’re fasting once a week? That’s amazing! I’m really encouraged to hear that. Especially in our day and age fast food…. (which totally slows you down, and should be called… “food” BTW).

      I remember fasting for the first time when, I must have been just your age. My Mom would say, “You shouldn’t do that! Your blood sugar is going to drop! That’s why Moses and those people in the Bible saw all kinds of strange visions.” 😉

      Thanks the encouragement, and for stopping by to check out my article, and submitting a comment. Blessings to you!



  • You have me laughing so hard with your words, “You mean I can’t have my Chicken nuggets or Spam?”

    Great advice on how a ‘normal’ person can ease into fasting. I did my first fast years ago and went hard core. No FUN! I’m still having flashbacks over that wheatgrass juice…

    I’m gearing up for just a weekend one here in the next couple of weeks. I do feel so good after fasting. It really helps and even though I didn’t feel warm and fuzzy with that wheatgrass juice, the process did help my health in a very BIG way.

    Thanks for the great tips!

    • Hi Melissa,

      Yeah, I’m not sure if Wheat grass is one of those ‘necessary evils’, or a cruel joke some health guru whipped-up to serve to masses. 😉 I believe your up-coming Fast is going to be awesome, and you’re going to come out of it even stronger! Thanks for stopping by to read this article, and thanks for going to extra mile in leaving a valuable comment that others can also benefit by. I look forward to checking out your article, “No Pain, No Gain…”

      Aloha from Maui—


  • Amy

    I saw that movie and it impacted me too.

    • That’s awesome, Amy! Isn’t amazing how that one person’s story can have such a huge impact on so many lives?

      I, personally believe, this is why Today I Can Change has the potential to be so powerful— it’s everyday, ordinary people, who’s lives have been changed. AND… They want to say something about it. Every post, video, course, and webinar is going to be a platform for people to share their story.

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing a comment. Blessings!!


  • Great video Robb – love your presentation style, I’m going to take some tips from it!

    As for the fasting – I’m all for no meat – not hard as I’m a vegetarian, and like fruit for breakfast (which must nearly count as fasting) just got lunch and dinner to get through!


    • Hi Kathryn,

      So awesome you checked out my video too! I tried to be super honest too. Fasting isn’t the easiest thing to undertake, but throw a little ‘juicing’ into the mix, and it’s not so hard. It’s actually like a meal replacement, so-to-speak.

      I’ve booked marked your site, so I’ll be checking in to see you. I hope a lot of people click on your link ⬆ here, because you’ve got some awesome stuff. Bless ya!



  • I haven’t gone for a total fast (I have skipped lunches and dinner..but that doesn’t really count), but I have done meat fast (although that wasn’t because I wanted to….it’s because that is the tradition within our church, but I haven’t followed that in a while).

    I am trying to put on more weight, so fasting wouldn’t work (plus, I don’t think my parents would allow me to do it – my mom always tells me to eat more :D).

    Anyways, thank you for the tips, Robb 🙂

    • Hey Jeevan,

      That’s right! I remember you saying you needed to put on some weight. (Boy, don’t we all wish we have that problem. 😉 ) Maybe instead of ‘Fasting’ for you— it should be “FEASTING”!!!

      Anyhow, Jeevan—Thanks for stopping by. I love your blog. You write some amazing stuff, (which I LOVE sharing!) All the Best this week,



  • Hi Eston!

    Glad you came by to see the blog & my crazy video. I bet your Stetson Panama looks pretty dy-no-mite on you! Yep, “rhymes with orange” could have been my ™ 😉

    I’ve eve been thinking of doing my site in an ‘orange/black’ theme. But this Today I Can Change is so new, and I love the red too. Blessings to you and your family.



  • Eston Catlett

    Go Robb! Love your hat! I’ve got a new Stetson Panama myself. 🙂
    I’ve always been grateful that I now know someone who rhymes with Orange!
    God Bless,
    Eston, Ret.