Youth Pastor Discipleship

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Ministry Consulting

Pastoring the largest youth ministry in the state of Hawaii was no easy feat. But I utilized what I had the most of— no, not brains, people. I grew our leadership base, and began to implement strategic discipleship that would get the results that I wanted. We reformatted our small groups and began to multiply almost immediately. If you need help getting your own strategy in place to get the growth, consistency, and the leadership that you know you need— I can help you. Feel free to Email Me to get the conversation started.

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Speaking at events and conferences has been one of greatest ways of really connecting with people. These events are not only powerful times of impartation and getting everyone fired-up, but they’re also special times set aside where I like to speak to the leaders as well. Part of what I do as well, is provide quality 1-on-1 time, so I can help get you to the next level. If you have an event that you would like me to consider, Then Email Me to get the conversation started.

Personal Development

Let’s be honest. Life isn’t easy. But when you have someone that can help to pull you into the future that you desire— it makes it a lot easier to get there. And… you get there faster. By connecting with me on social networks, signing-up for my weekly updates via email, you’re going to position yourself to grow. I’m always bringing something encouraging to uplifting get you fired-up about your life. That’s why so often you’ll hear me saying, “Don’t wait for tomorrow— life your best life today.”  If you want to go deeper, a private consultation call can be arranged. Just Email Me here and we’ll connect to discuss how I can best serve you.