Let the Entrepreneurs Arise!

By February 1, 2015Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurs in Thailand

Let the Entrepreneurs Arise!

Standing on top of chairs, were some 150 entrepreneurs in a hotel conference room in Chiang Mai, Thailand… and I was wondering… “What in the world am I doing here?” John McIntyre, AKA: “The Autoresponder Guy“, had us standing on top of our chairs just in case the morning’s coffee hadn’t kicked-in yet. I snapped a shot and thought… “Well, Let the Entrepreneurs Arise!” I never thought I’d see myself in a group of passionate people like this. But it’s an interesting story of how it all actually started.

“We need to do something with these youth!”

…said one of the respected members at our church in Maui, as he pointed his finger in my chest. (…as if that’s something I haven’t heard before, being a well-seasoned youth minister.) I said, “Really?”, as I sighed from underneath my breath, waiting for yet another parent tell me what’s wrong with all of our young people these days. He said, “We need to teach these young people how to make money.” Squinting and looking a bit puzzled— I was listening. “We need to teach these young people how to make money.”  He said, “If these young people don’t learn how to make money, we won’t have enough money in this church to fulfill the vision that God has given us. They’re the next generation of adults!” As I was about to give him a half-baked response, he put out his hand and said… “Hey, it’s just something to think about.” And then he turned around and walked away. Over the last couple of years, I’ve really thought a lot about what that man said to me on that day. It’s really been stirring in my heart lately. It makes me want to say to all the business people in the church who might feel neglected, ” Let the Entrepreneurs Arise!”

God Wants to Use Entrepreneurs

Think about this. If God is going to use us as conduits of Kingdom finances, then we need to receive strategic revelation from Him, and figure out how we are going to acquire those finances, and begin to ask, “What is it that He would have me to do right now?” Start up BusinessEvery year in Maui we have, what’s called a, “Prophetic Conference”. Well known leaders from all over the world come, with the express purpose of praying over you, and then sharing what they feel God is telling them is going to happen in your future. It’s quite an experience. Over the last five years, at every single one of these conferences in Maui, I’ve been receiving (what I felt were) ‘strange words’ from these prophets. You know what I mean, right? See, when the prophetic word comes, the Holy Spirit is actually speaking to our potential. But He’s also speaking to our future. More often than not, the picture that is painted is about as different as dipping your feet in the soothing shores of Kaanapali Maui, as it is to crawling through the desert sands of Death Valley, California. They’re just… different. But these are are the types of ‘conundrums’ that makes life so interesting and challenging— trying to get from where you’re at, to where you know God wants you to be. At these conferences here in Maui, I’d been receiving words like, “There’s an entrepreneurial spirit about you.” And, “God has given you many business ideas, but you’re not quite sure what to do with them.”  The repetitive nature at which these words were coming forth, I had to stop and take notice.  I’ve also discovered that this is becoming a new passion in my life, and one in which is also very foreign to me.

More than ever before we need the entrepreneurs to arise!

Who are they? These are the ones who are willing to use their God-given creative talent to touch this needy world around us. I believe that we simply can’t afford to waste anymore time. In the last 25 years of ministry I have run into hundreds of people who simply don’t believe that they can accomplish great things for God. Their poor self-image of always looking down on themselves can be seen a mile away, by the look on their face. They’re carrying the baggage of yesteryear’s heartache and failure. Oh yes, “the struggle is real.” But, be that as it may, it sure doesn’t mean that you and I can’t come out of it! It’s time to rise up like never before and begin to make a difference in this world before it’s too late. Now is our time!

Takeaways from Thailand

Elephant Rescue

Elephant Rescue & Rehabilitation Center in Thailand

At this conference for entrepreneurs in Chiang Mai, Thailand, hosted by Anton Kraly and Johnny FD (whom I wrote about in “25 Crazy Bucket List Ideas“) — the feelings that I had as I flew over South East Asia were mixed with both exhilaration, and downright fear. I felt like it was 1994 all over again when, as a 24-year-old young man, I was heading out to the Kingdom of Tonga as a missionary/church planter. I didn’t know what I was doing, but oh was it exciting! With coffee in hand, and looking out at more than 150 laptops lit up, ready to take notes, I met so many people who had left their 9-to-5 jobs. Puzzled, I would ask them: “How are you making money?” I found out that many of them were earning nearly five times as much now, in their current businesses, as they were back at their former jobs.

Trading Hours for Dollars

Who are these people? These are the entrepreneurs.

People in Thailand

Entrepreneurs arise in Chiang Mai, Thailand to take their online business to the next level

What do they do?

  • Some are freelance writers
  • Some are consultants in various industries
  • Some sell products on Amazon.com
  • Some build websites for people around the world
  • Most of these entrepreneurs are able to be location independent, as they work out of their laptops from anywhere in the world.

They, in a sense, have “traded their hours for dollars”. They have adopted a very creative way of thinking and working; and it’s making them money… a lot of money. They have tapped-in to a principal of multiplication that is foreign to so many in the world today.

How Does It Work?

Their products are being purchased from people all over the world, and at all hours of the night. Leveraging the power of the internet, and harnessing their own personal financial freedom— they’re able to take the extra income that they’re making, and do something significant with it.

  • Some are building orphanages in Africa
  • Others are purchasing homes for their parents who are retiring.
  • Some are traveling around the world
  • Others are doing workshops with leaders in the community, teaching them about the power of entrepreneurial business ideas.
  • What would you want to do?

Shifting our Way of Thinking

Entrepreneurs Thailand Tiger

I learned in Thailand that fear must be overcome in order to go forward in life.

I believe our way of thinking needs to change too. No longer can we just be satisfied with merely “making ends meet”, and “hoping for the best”. We have to remove ourselves from a victim mentality, and hoping that someone will just bless us with some money. Even the Bible says, that we are to be the lender, and not the borrower. Why not live for a vision that is bigger than yourself?  Hey, Mr. or Ms. Entreprenuer— Your business idea could change the world! I challenge you to think outside the box, and to step out into deeper waters. Do you see yourself as an Entrepreneur, and if so, what are you doing in your business? If you had a way of making money where you would travel the world, what could you imagine yourself doing? Share with me in the comment section below. Thanks for being a part of Today I Can Change, So, what are you waiting for? Let the Entrepreneurs arise! robb-sign (small)

  • Pepperlyn Homalon

    I would open orphanages, build safe houses for those caught in sex slave industry
    . Finance friends that are digging wells in Africa.

    • Wow Pepper!?!!!

      That sounds like an amazing vision. This world needs more people like you who have a heart for others, and a desire to do something about it with the resources that are coming your way.

      Thanks for commenting too!



    If you have Twitter Get Periscope (Twitter add on) and follow Rob in Thailand Great app and hes a great scoper.

  • Fred

    Rob, this is great news! Very happy for you on your new journey. Keep us updated. Fred.

  • God wants to use entrepreneurs!! Absolutely. Love this. I think we often fail to appreciate just how entrepreneurial and creative He is, and thereby fail to identify those aspects of His likeness in our own character and seek to bring them to the fore. This is a great reminder of the value of choosing to be bold and step outside of the norm. Great post!

    • Hey Micah,

      The correlation between the creation and the Creator, and how the entrepreneurial spirit is built-in, and yet… many times un-tapped, is virtually an un-talked about subject. Regardless, it’s time to be bold and start doing what we were made to do. Thx for stopping by. You’re awesome//.