Personal Development Game?

Personal development

Forget Trivial Pursuit and Pictionary, there’s a new kid on the block— Better Me. It’s a Personal Development Game that actually challenges people to better their lives. Who’s heard of such a thing!?

With there being so many people out there trying to share their spin on ‘Personal Development’ with infomercials, YouTube videos, online courses, and ‘life coaching’, there’s a guy named, Dan O’Donnell who’s spun it in an entirely different way.

With over 956,000 active followers on his Positive Thinking Facebook Page, and with a huge membership base of over 15,728 on Positive Atmosphere, Dan has found a way to challenge people at a different level than just your average tweet or Facebook post.

How Did I Meet Dan?

While I was traveling in Thailand for an Entrepreneur Conference in Chiang Mai— the first time I met Dan, he invited me to play Better Meat a local cafe. Although I didn’t know what to expect, the experience far outweighed my expectation, and then some!

Better Me Game

As I picked a card it said…

“Is there someone important to you, who you haven’t talked with lately? Sometimes we get busy with things that seem urgent and may not make time for the people we value most. Feeling guilty doesn’t help anyone, so just pick up the phone or send them an email! 1 point for drawing this card, and 1 point to any player who commits to contacting someone important to them.”.

I looked at the other four people after reading the card out loud, my eyes lit up and I thought, “This isn’t a game, it’s an experience that’s making me re-think about how I live my life.”  

From that point on I knew game would be a big hit.

In the Better Me Game you can choose from 1 of 6 cards depending on how you role your dice, and where you land on the board.


If you choose a card from the “Tangibles” selection, you might get a card that says something like this…

“Do you have written goals? If so, receive one point for drawing this card. Any player may receive one additional point for writing down their goals daily for at least 21 days. Looking at your goals daily is great, but it’s been said that something magical that happens between your mind and your hand as you write them each day.”

So, it’s a game that actually involves everyone that you’re playing with.

It’s also a game that encourages ‘teamwork’ together, unlike anything I’ve ever seen.

The first time I played the Better Me Game, I could see it being used in Churches, Summer Camps, Staff Retreats, Office Party’s, or even in a Small Group setting where you get together a few other people each week to see how you’re all progressing in your personal development. It’s really quite genius, if I must say so myself.

Where to get Better Me

If you’re wondering how to you can get a hold of a copy of the Better Me Game, it won’t be hard to find, because it can be delivered right to your front door, via Amazon.

This type of game could actually revolutionize your life, not to mention the others who you would play with. There’s no doubt about it, Better Me Game is getting my vote.

Have you heard of this game?

As I close out this article, I wanted to ask you if you’ve ever heard of the Better Me Game before, and if so, what do you think about it? Or… if you haven’t heard of it, do you think a game like this could help better your own personal development? If so, I want to hear from you. Just leave a comment in the comment section below.

‘Look forward to hearing from you,