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By February 26, 2016Relationship Advice


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Most “Relationship Advice” that I’ve come across feels more like I’m sitting in Math class in the 7th grade— boring. But what this article aims to do differently is to give you some hands-on, practical relationship advice that you can actually use. 

1. Buy your lady some jewelry. And all the women said….?  “Amen!”

2. Surprises are good. Go to your local florist and pick out a dozen roses and have them sent to your gal’s workplace. Make sure to write something romantic on the little card as well.

3. Say something nice. I’m amazed at how difficult this is for most men, (especially married men). But it really isn’t that difficult. “Wow honey, you really look great in that outfit!” Just say something nice!

4. Go out on a romantic date & dinner. Whenever men hear this, you can see them roll their eyes. But it goes a long way. Now, don’t surprise her on this one. Tell her a few nights in advance so that she can tell all her friends what you two are going to do, and what she’s planning on wearing. Again, us guys don’t understand all the “excitement” per se, but just know this— it works.

5.  If in a fight…  1) Don’t run away, but you can say, “I need some time to think. We’ll work this out when we’ve both had some time to cool down.”  Then…  2) Find out what’s wrong.  3) Be quick to say, “I’m sorry”, even if it’s not your fault.

6. Talk Talk. Why did I say it twice? I guess it reminded me of that 80’s song. AND… it’s a way of remembering that regular communication crucial; and just “hanging out & talking” is super important. But when it seems like there’s a problem— asking, “Are you ok?” goes a long way to convey that you actually care. So, remember to “Talk Talk”.

Couples Fight

7. Don’t take your Bae for granted. Just because you have someone in your life doesn’t give you the right to think that they’ll always be with you. If you take them for granted long enough— they’ll find someone else.

8. Have fun. Have you ever watched a couple in a restaurant, and neither of them are even talking to each other? You might say, “Robb, that’s my relationship right now.” Sometimes you have to go out of your way to have fun and be willing to be a little dorky in the process.

Why not try this one…

The next time you go out on a date and you’re about ready to buy the movie tickets, tell the cashier, “Uh, excuse me, I have a question.” Ok, what is it? “Did you know that I’m standing next to the most beautiful woman in the world?” And just wait for a response. Try not to crack a smile either. Act like its a serious question that demands an answer. She’ll remember that one for a quite a while. And let’s just say that when you get home— it’s gonna be a good night.

9. Be creative. So many relationships are so dang boring. You do the same thing all the time. You’ve got to be spontaneous sometimes. Sure, you can plan a vacation or whatever, but that’s not what I’m taking about here. When’s the last time you took off your shoes, grabbed your gal & ran on the beach? Do you even remember what it’s like to laugh with your Bae uncontrollably, and  for no reason at all? Was is planned? No. You just did something spontaneous and it ended up being a blast. So, remember to be a little creative.

10. Make memories. Women are great at this, but men? We’re embarrassed to get out our phone and snap a selfie with our gal. But why? It’ll mean more to her if you do it, than having her always be the one who wants to make a memory.

11. Kiss more. Now, this doesn’t have to be like “making out” and going into massive tongue action. I’m talking about little pecks on the cheek and on the back of the neck. 

12. Don’t have sex. “What the heck?” What I mean is… Make love. Because, listen to me guys, if you unknowingly live by the motto, “Hit it & Quit it”, then don’t be surprised that she’s usually “not in the mood” when you feel like getting it on like Marvin Gaye.  

Practical Tips for the Guys…

13. When you’re on a date… let her play on her phone, but just leave yours alone and simply stare into her eyes. It communicates that she’s important and that you enjoy just being with her.

14. Open the dang door for her! Yes, even after year of being married, just do it. It’s an act of chivalry that most don’t do these day, but I’ll tell you— it sure does goes a long way.

15. Roses. Need I say more?

Practical Tips for the Gals…

16. When your man wants to hang out with the guys… Please don’t assume that we don’t want to hang out with you. We just need some time to be with our own friends just like you do. So, give him some room and don’t smoother the relationship. It’ll mean more to him that you know.

17. Brag on your man in front of people. Really… us guys don’t “need” this, but when our gal says something nice about us in front of other people, it actually blows our mind and makes us love you even more.

18. When we ask you what’s wrong… please don’t always say, “nothing”. It really gets old after a while and makes us not want to talk to you about working things out. Yes, we know something’s wrong and we want to help you not feel bad inside, but playing the “nothing’s wrong” game gets us super frustrated.   

Here’s what I’d like you to add…

Which one is your favorite? I want to know. 

19. What relationship advice would you add? You know you’ve got some! 


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