What Is Happiness?

What is Happiness? (67 Things)

What is Happiness? John Lennon (of the Beatles) said, “Happiness is a warm gun.” Although that might not be your definition, people from all over the world want to know what it is. And if you think about it, “Happiness” (in and of itself) is a bit ambiguous. But sometimes if you take just a little time to see the less obvious things in life— happiness is usually somewhere in there.

Here’s my list of 67 things on “What is Happiness”.

Enjoy the list, and then afterwards you’ll have a chance to add yours in the comment section below!

  1. Happiness is… being at peace, even though you don’t know the solution.
  2. Happiness is… giving yourself permission to clear the decks of your past.
  3. Happiness is… making little bits of progress.
  4. Happiness is… finding someone to love.
  5. Happiness is… holding the hand of the one you love, and watching the sunset.
  6. Happiness is… making a much needed decision.
  7. Happiness is… crying, because you feel it so much.
  8. Happiness is… deleted emails.
  9. Happiness is… letting your hair down.
  10. Happiness is… saying hello.
  11. Happiness is… saying goodbye.
  12. Happiness is… learning to say, sorry.
  13. Happiness is… knowing what to do.
  14. Happiness is… drinking a cup of coffee.
  15. Happiness is… having your friend buy you that coffee.
  16. Happiness is… creating a plan.
  17. Happiness is… planning to create.
  18. Happiness is… holding your temper.
  19. Happiness is… learning to let it all hang out.
  20. Happiness is… bills getting paid.
  21. Happiness is… giving away what you’ve earned.
  22. Happiness is… green lights all the way.
  23. Happiness is… driving to your favorite song.
  24. Happiness is… clearing the air with friend. 
  25. Happiness is… is finding a friend that cares.
  26. Happiness is… watching tv with your bae.
  27. Happiness is… is knowing they’ll be there for you.
  28. Happiness is… eating chocolate at night.
  29. Happiness is… making it through the night.
  30. Happiness is… smiling when you want to cry.
  31. Happiness is… crying when you want to smile.
  32. Happiness is… realizing you’re not perfect.
  33. Happiness is… putting into practice what you realize.
  34. Happiness is… being grateful for what you have.
  35. Happiness is… finally laying down in bed.
  36. Happiness is… going to Hawaii!
  37. Happiness is… ceasing to say, “Why?”
  38. Happiness is… playing in the fall leaves.
  39. Happiness is… leaving things that are easy.
  40. Happiness is… a friend letting you cut in line.
  41. Happiness is… cutting the ties that bind.
  42. Happiness is… carving out your own little space.
  43. Happiness is… reclaiming the time. 
  44. Happiness is… finally getting to go.
  45. Happiness is… hearing someone say, please.
  46. Happiness is… pineapples and cottage cheese.
  47. Happiness is… finally breaking up.
  48. Happiness is… mending what needs fixed.
  49. Happiness is… getting to talk to God.
  50. Happiness is… God talking to you. 
  51. Happiness is… playing with your kids.
  52. Happiness is… wanting them to do better than you did.
  53. Happiness is… winning at cards.
  54. Happiness is… peacefully accepting the cards you’re dealt.
  55. Happiness is… drawing in the sand.
  56. Happiness is… when someone understands.
  57. Happiness is… getting bumped-up to first class.
  58. Happiness is… finally finishing a task.
  59. Happiness is… losing all the weight.
  60. Happiness is… not caring what they say.
  61. Happiness is… seeing an update from your crush.
  62. Happiness is… hugging the one you love. 
  63. Happiness is… eating fries while they’re hot.
  64. Happiness is… singing a lot. 
  65. Happiness is… hearing news from afar.
  66. Happiness is… laughing with your friends.
  67. Happiness is… going strong until the end. 


Do you ever struggle with just being “happy”? If so, you’re not alone. Feel free to share your struggles below. Also, do you have a favorite from the list above? Let me know which one(s) it is, and feel free to add your own in the comment section below.
Don’t wait for tomorrow— Live your best life today!
  • D J

    P.S. And Sunshine!!! I currently live on the NW Pacific coast ( grey and green).

    • OMG… I know exactly what you’re talking about. Growing up in Seattle will have you looking for happiness in the clouds, but won’t ever find it. 😉

  • D J

    Happiness is:
    >Feeling like I accomplished something(s) each day.
    >Keeping my mind active while avoiding toxic thoughts and input.
    >Just hanging out with my dog.
    >Actually zeroing in on a vision for the future, setting a few goals.
    >Authentic chats over coffee (or anywhere) with trustworthy friends.
    > Making my way through the day and experiencing synchronicity, divine appointments, “God thang s”
    > Lightening up, laughing, just being in the moment.
    >The twinkle in my beloved’s eyes when he looks at me.
    > “No worries”
    > A good night’s sleep.
    > That feeling you get when you sense God’s presence and that you really are on His radar!
    > Godly, happy, healthy relationships that actually work!

    • This is a great list, DJ! I can tell you have a pretty good idea about how to tap-in to Happiness. Keep on ‘zeroing in’ on what makes you happy, and I’m sure you’ll bring happiness to many more people out there in the world. Thanks for commenting!