Why Am I So Emotional? (69 Reasons Why)

Have you ever asked yourself, “Why am I so emotional?” It’s the question that everyone asks themselves at one time or another. There’s nothing wrong with you, nor does make you ‘crazy’. In fact, it may be a sign that you’re heading in the right direction.

Let me share a quick story with you

This was on no particular day where, I too asked myself, “Why am I so emotional?” Hopefully you’ll resinate with what was going on with me at the time, and that it can help to shed some light on why you might be feeling so emotional too.
I was sitting at my desk, working on a project, when all of a sudden I started crying. I thought, “What in the world’s wrong with me? Why am I so emotional?” It all started to go downhill from there into a serious funk. It wasn’t until two hours later that I actually realized why I was feeling so emotional.
Below all a few of the a reasons why I was emotional. I don’t really have to tell know which one’s were related to me, (you can guess if you want to). But perhaps you can relate to me and this list; and then begin to get some sense of reprieve from the rollercoaster type of emotions that you might be feeling right now.

69 Reasons why you might be feeling emotional…

  1. You only got 3 hours of sleep last night.
  2. You were late to work and the boss noticed.
  3. Your bank account hardly has any money in it right now.
  4. You (unknowingly) have been comparing yourself to “better” individuals.
  5. You aren’t following through on your goals.
  6. You are coming down with a cold.
  7. You are unhappy with your body.
  8. You got fired.
  9. You are pregnant.
  10. You are going through a divorce.
  11. You spilt coffee on your computer.
  12. You got cut-off in traffic.
  13. You have too many bills stacking up.
  14. You miss the way your life used to be.
  15. You are unhappy in your marriage.
  16. You want a new job.
  17. Your car got a flat tire.
  18. You drank too much last night.
  19. You dropped & cracked your cell phone.
  20. You experienced a death in the family.
  21. You didn’t get promoted.
  22. You lost your keys.
  23. Your child isn’t doing well in school.
  24. Your new boyfriend/girlfriend just dumped you.
  25. You got a dirty look from someone you don’t even know.
  26. You broke a nail.
  27. You’re having a bad hair day.
  28. You have a new, great big pimple on your forehead.
  29. You can’t make it home for Christmas.
  30. You overate when you said you wouldn’t.
  31. You’re hungry.
  32. You’re low on blood sugar.
  33. Your computer won’t do what you want it to do.
  34. You’re starting to have your menstruation time of the month.
  35. You listened to music that reminds you of a past relationship.
  36. You wish you had a different life.
  37. You are getting behind on your work.
  38. You have a drug habit.
  39. You just moved to a new location.
  40. You got injured.
  41. You just received some bad news.
  42. Your car got broken into.
  43. You don’t like the weather.
  44. You are living a double life.
  45. You are thinking about something too much right now that you can’t change.
  46. You are battling inner demons.
  47. You feel like there’s no way out.
  48. You see other people getting blessed, but it’s not happening to you.
  49. You’re in the hospital.
  50. You got told that it looks like you’ve gained weight.
  51. You are working too much and are burning out.
  52. You just became a new parent.
  53. You keep doing things that your conscience says is bad.
  54. You just got in a fight with your spouse or partner.
  55. You’re in the wrong job.
  56. You ate too many vitamins.
  57. You take care of everyone else, but not yourself.
  58. You haven’t had a day off in months.
  59. You watched a movie that brought back hurtful memories.
  60. Your in-laws are coming over.
  61. You boss just told you that you’re getting a pay cut.
  62. You didn’t get accepted to the school of your choice.
  63. You’re internet stopped working.
  64. You just got married.
  65. You can’t get people to stop bothering you while you’re working.
  66. You slammed the door on your finger.
  67. You aren’t “measuring up” to the people around you.
  68. You got yelled at, and it wasn’t even your fault.
  69. All your clothes are too tight now. 
If you’ve ever asked yourself, “Why am I so emotional?” then I hope you’ll realize that you’re just a normal human being. Even though people around can look all cheery and happy, like there’s nothing wrong with their life— it’s most likely not true. They’re probably just really good at hiding it.

If you’re feeling emotional…

Don’t beat yourself over it. Allow those emotions to work themselves out of you. Don’t suppress them. These emotions (although sometimes not enjoyable to experience) can be a trigger to see a tremendous change for the better in your life. Ask yourself why, and you just might get an answer. Why? So that you can prevent yourself from going through the same rollercoaster of emotions next time.

Here’s what I’d suggest

Once you have cooled down, get away by yourself and figure out why you’re feeling so emotional. Offer up a prayer to God for help. Or if you’re into meditation, then just take some time to get recharged, and do your thing.
You really do deserve to be happy. Crazy emotions don’t have to run (or ruin) your life, nor do you have to feel like you’re a prisoner of your emotions. You can change. I believe it. And I know you can.
If any of these 69 reasons resinated with you, let me know which ones and why. Or, if you have some to add, (I’m sure I missed a whole bunch), let me know too.
Until next time, don’t wait for tomorrow— live your best life today!
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  • Man, points 1, 5 & 51. Energy and goals are just major contributors when it comes to what affects my emotional state. I’m glad I’m not the only one out there who can find themselves feeling stuff that isn’t directly related to an immediate event. Great list.

    • Hey Micah,

      Good insight! Not following thru with goals sure can put me into a funk that’s sometimes hard to come out of. But the thing to do is to re-adjust, re-focus, and get re-charged once again. Thx for sharing your fav’s.